Hydrojal Plus X5

Product Features

Titanium Plates
New Generation
Extraordinary PH
ORP Potentials
Smart Self Cleaning System
Hydrojal Features
Advanced Activated
Water Selection
Easy To Use
Multifunctional LCD Display
Compact Size
Hydrojal Plus X5

7 Levels of pH Usage

7 Levels of pH Usage
Hydrojal Plus X5


Enhanced Antioxidants
Enhanced Antioxidants

We use next-gen 5 Titanium plates with the platinum coating which enhances water’s antioxidant properties.

Smaller Water Molecules
Smaller water molecules

SWM breaks down the nutrients and oxygen very easily and transfers them to body organs to increase metabolism.

Micro-Germ Elimination
Micro-Germ Elimination

The ionization surfaces’ proximity to one another transmits a good electric current, which eliminates micro-germs and makes it safe.

Enriched in Nutrients
Enriched in Nutrients

Alkaline water has all the nutrients in its ionized form that the body absorbs and replenishes very easily.

Oxidant Reduction potential

Alkaline water has negative ORP, which makes alkaline water an implicit antioxidant that is highly beneficial for the body.

Ability to washout pesticides
Ability to washout pesticides

When cleaning your fruits and vegetables with alkaline water, it washes out all pesticide and fertilizer residue from it.

Hydrojal Plus X5 Specifications

AC100-240 / 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption
160 W
Electrical Cord
5 feet
Temperature of source water
5-40 Centigrade
Electrolysis Method
Continuous + Direct Current
Water Flow
1 - 4L/min
Net Weight
7.7 lbs
Filter Capacity
4,000 litres - 6,000 litres
Dimensions (W X H X D)
210mm X 330mm X 117mm
Working hydraulic Pressure
0.1 – 0.3 MPa
Electro Bath Cleaning

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