Anil Dhamale – Pune, Maharashtra

Hi guys…
I am the user of Hydrojalplus alkaline ionized water from last 10 years and it is very beneficial for my health. No acidity,no high BP, its support for weight loss also.
Drinking Alkaline ionized water keeps me energized the whole day. Very happy user of Hydrojalplus.. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Anshul Gupta – PCMC, Pune

I was reading about the benefits of Alkaline water for quite some time and came across this product. I found it a good deal at this price and purchased the same as soon as it was launched.

When I am writing this, I am using it for a few weeks, and I am finding it beneficial. I have not experienced acid reflux issues for this duration. I am hopeful that other benefits will slowly start making their effects. At this point, I can say that I am satisfied with the product.

Mr & Mrs. Bhavik Purohit – PCMC, Pune

Hydrojalplus X5 is doing its great job!
We are happy to have Alkaline ionized water in our daily life to reduce the Acidic effects that happen in our bodies unknowingly because of our lifestyle. It feels hydrated when we drink ORP -ve value water. Thanks for such a wonderful and affordable “Hydrojalplus X5”.